lovely nests in Portuguese villages

A deep connection with the beauty and calm of the Portuguese countryside.

From an abandoned house to a full experience.

We are a Startup that creates beautiful nests in Portuguese villages. We choose an old house to renovate, honoring its original character, and transform it into a complete experience that we manage for you.

what we offer

Complete Process.

House Selection

Handpicked selection of authentic Portuguese village Gems, tailored for smart investments.

House Restoration

A new life into history and beautiful design with expert restoration and local partners.

House Management

Seamless management via dedicated website and professional team, ensuring remote ownership.

See it working

Our prototype. In action.

recover to preserve

We recover the built heritage to preserve our beautiful green areas.

We help to preserve the built cultural heritage as a way to avoid new construction that destroys our green areas and beautiful landscapes.



Talk to us to have your own Ninho n’aldeia.

Joana Novo

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