Experience and invest in Portugal

Lovely nest in a Picturesque European Village, Between Lisbon and Madrid.

From an abandoned house to a full experience.

We are a Startup that creates beautiful nests in Portuguese villages. We choose an old house to renovate, honoring its original character, and transform it into a complete experience that we manage for you.

the investment


Local Accommodation

Rent the house to maximize your investment.

Picturesque Vacations

Enjoy your vacations in a serene portuguese village.

Permanent Home

Move to a beautiful and serene country.

The nest

Picturesque features.

T1 house plan

Up to 4 people

Cosy Patio

With a small pool

Beautiful Views

To the lovely mountains

the opportunity

Investing in Portugal

Bellow market cost

The real-state part is below market costs given the prices of real-estate in the region at this moment.

Targeted services offering

Through services directed to our target audience, it’s possible to obtain more ROI and above-average yields.

Low-risk investment

We believe hospitality and real estate investment are a safe haven, given the fact that market values are increasing.

the Location

Fundão, awarded as an innovative municipality in Europe.

Fundão has been consecutively awarded over the years. This year was awarded second place in the first initiative of the SIIViM awards for Innovation in Middle Territories, which distinguish the most outstanding local innovation strategies by French and foreign local authorities, municipalities, groups of municipalities and inter-municipal structures with 100,000 inhabitants. This is considered a unique innovative event taking place in two countries on two different continents, France and Canada.

2 hours from Lisbon

By car

Distance Fundão - Lisbon, Fundão - Madrid

4 hours from Madrid

By car

Gardunha and Estrela Mountains

Mountains that welcome us and bring us closer to nature and its inherent beauty.

Paradisiacal river beaches

Places that allow us to enjoy relaxing holidays away from the crowds and the city.

Sports and Culture

Moments that promote proximity and involvement with local culture and events.

the market

Accommodation in Fundão


Total Properties


Average Nightly Rate


Nights Booked


Of Revenue


Booking Rate



The privileged location in the trending city of Fundão, the amenities and improvements that we’ll implement to create a premium experience to our guests and the continuous rise of the local real estate market, contribute to an incredible opportunity of investment with low-risk.
The total cost for this project is 130.800€.

Investors capital

14.000€ Real Estate
82.000€ Renovation costs
10.000€ Furniture, Fixtures & Electronics
8.300€ Legal projects
13.700€ Legal permits
2.800€ Taxes

Income Potencial


RATE  · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 100€

NIGHTS · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 9

MONTHLY  · · · · · · · · · · · · · 900€

YEARLY · · · · · · · · · · · · · 10.800€

Income statement


what we offer

Complete Process.

House Selection

Handpicked selection of authentic Portuguese village Gems, tailored for smart investments.

House Restoration

A new life into history and beautiful design with expert restoration and local partners.

House Management

Seamless management via dedicated website and professional team, ensuring remote ownership.

recover to preserve

We recover the built heritage to preserve our beautiful green areas.

We help to preserve the built cultural heritage as a way to avoid new construction that destroys our green areas and beautiful landscapes.




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